A New Me?! (A Start of a New Journey! )


I was bullied, persecuted, cursed and terrified with the past. My childhood was taken away from me by my grandparents. Childhood days was the most sorrowful life that I’ve experienced. I never had a right to run or to play with kids outside. I was stupid, curious and never been free until I reached High School years, I was bullied and thinking that I am weak, stupid and humiliated. I entered the seminary in Nueva Ecija, still the same thing, they bullied me for having an Indian face and I’m only a Cebuano who can’t gain everything. High School Graduation was getting worst because my grandparents decided a course (they want me to become a welder, because i might get rich according to them and my talents can’t  ) that I never liked or desired , it caused conflict and it was the start of my rebellion and on the sudden, to escape the desired course they want. Mom told me to study at ACT since I.T was my third choice and I expect that I.T had Animation field; but when i stepped on it, IT’S DIFFERENT. I faced great challenges in life because of this course; I almost gave up on my thesis but thank God, I survived. College years was the best Life I stepped, why?, I met cool friends and those guys does understands me for what I am. I learned to be more confident and becoming an effective leader. I learned to do things in a multiple way or simply we called it “MULTITASKING”. I acquired my skills not only in I.T fields but also in my hobbies. I know that I.T is the way to fulfill all my dreams and goals. I met also cool bandmates Rap2x, Mark, Jethro, Kevin, Sherry and Kyle, these seriously funny guys are the ones who made my day complete. Despite of having a sorrowful and forgetful past, it was not a hindrance for me to serve the Lord Jesus for almost 7 years being an Altar server I learned to value so many things in life and gain so many experiences which I will never forget. Don Bosco has been my best pal for 4 years and through him, I met different people, I serve God through Music and being a part of a youth ministry is so cool. Great things may come when you strive hard and pursuing you dreams and goals. people may tend to laugh at you when we speak of dreams and goals especially when your dreams can’t earn big salaries. It is so sad to think about all these things but if those things can make you happy,so be it. What people really believe nowadays are getting non sense, and it is so called the stupid modern “REALITY”; Well,  If you stick to trends in the society they believe that is the reality today, too bad for me knowing of what is going on down here but it is up to them. GOOD BECOMES BAD and BAD BECOMES GOOD, so is that reality?! since I graduated in this level, i don’t have any regrets that my reputations and my beliefs hasn’t change. As of now, I am still aspiring myself becoming a Manga Artist and a Songwriter. Life must go on moving forward. I must forget those pains and sufferings and face new challenges in this new chapter. It now the time that I’ll rise up and I must be strong.

To my Dearest Mama thank for your Loving support and care despite of my rebellion to Lolo and Lola for hating their traditions that spoils everything (PS I dont need a stepdad anymore, so pls ). To my Dearest Papa, despite of your past with mama, still I love you thank you for all your wonderful support and at last, I MADE IT! To Lolo and Lola, Im sorry if I am a rebel but I need to, JUST TO FULFILL MY DREAMS but still I LOVE YOU and thank you for those experiences and now, I know how to handle if I had a family soon. To the people who bullied , persecuted and humiliated me, well, LOOK AT ME NOW!! but a warmful thanks because of you, I DID A GREAT FIGHT and I’VE REACHED THIS LEVEL. to all the people who love and supported me, Thank you that I was a part of your wonderful lives and your prayers will be rest assured. Thank you Asian College of Technology for giving me such wonderful experiences that I will never forget.



“Who am I ?”

“In Cogito Ergo Sum” (I Think therefore I am) – Rene Descartes

Living in this world is not easy and therefore I have seen a lot of inspirations to cling on. In the eyes of others my existence is sometimes a nuisance and sometimes, a GREAT HELP . i might be confident of what I am saying but I KNOW MYSELF WELL; I know my limitations, i urge to stand what i believe and what is in me. I have my dignity and that is what i also stand. For being like this might be insane and kinda weird. let them judge but i cannot change myself for the sake of others. I will realize and correct my mistakes for me, ALONE.


Me at Marco Polo Hotel Cebu City

“Weird “ it is a word that which everybody best describes about me. But it doesn’t depicts nor defines me for what I am or who I am. I am kind of person that who is always open and adjust easily with the environment. I am jolly person and a happy go lucky guy. People’s judgment and compliment wont really affect my personality because I know myself well and know handle things well whether its easy or difficult. I am an optimistic person I always done and make things in a positive way and helps me pursue to achieve my goals in life. Sometimes I am immature but I do handle big responsibilities because of my potentials of being a leader. I an easy to approach and open suggestions as well for the others to merge my ideas and their ideas. I am a kind of person who is always there for help with extending hands when someone has difficulties or problems I always lend a hand. I also love watching movies, all kinds of movies except horror movies because it is always creppy and bloody. I am also an anime fan and I patronize japanese art. I am not only proud being a Filipino but I am also proud to be an asian because Asian culture is the best and unique among cultures in the world. I live in this world struggling and living so difficult; but, I am always inspired with my family, friends and those people whom I love the most and does love me too. Though I have so many weaknesses in life; Still, I serve the Lord by serving at the altar in our parish and playing liturgical songs during masses at Don Bosco. I am always proud to be an Altar server and a Bosconian.


Me (wearing violet polo shirt) with my Colleagues at St. Joseph Parish Tabunok Sacristy

               My spiritual life was started when I entered the Knights of the Altar during highschool days. It was a weird and a wonderful experience and it is where I found myself so lively and full of confidence. I never had any regrets when I joined the organization because I learned so many things and I discovered so many things in life that I never expected. It is where I gain new friends, I met my bandmates, I exerted and developed my talents and skills and it is where I met my first love through my colleagues.


As a Musician


As an Artist

I also experienced entering into the seminary but I didn’t stay longer because maybe it is not God’s calling for me. I had so many ambitions in life I want to become a great songwriter, a manga artist and a computer analyst. I came up with that ambition it is because it defines me for what I am and what I live for. Maybe someday these skills are very useful to me not only for money but to inspire young ones to pursue their dreams and goals in life. I do write songs sometimes because music keeps driving me crazy and sometime my mind just suddenly come up with amazing tunes and I don’t know why I came up with those, I just suddenly write it up on my paper and get my guitar to arrange the song which came up into my mind. Though I was very influenced with several famous musicians but there is only one whop influenced me the most and it is John Lennon, He would always knew to himself that he will be great someday and suddenly he became a member of the famous band The Beatles and he became a songwriter together with his schoolmate Paul McCartney. John Lennon really inspires me a lot through his songs and he almost changed the world and I always dreamed to be like him. I have a passion in art since I was a little young lad I almost draw characters everyday and then one day I was once became an anime fanatic I do realize and aspire to be a manga artist and have my own book to be published and sold in every bookstores. I’ve got silly dreams but, it really means so much to me.
My friends keep on asking me “What is your Philosophy in Life Master?”, I never tell them in phrase or any quotations as well, I always tell them that Life is always in ups sometimes you are down, I am always with the flow of on my wheel of life as I do my work or even enjoying myself whether in Good or Bad times. Each one of us should Live the things are worth to life and enjoying it to the fullest. Your Faith should never set it aside, because without faith you cannot stand. Each one of us should hold on what we believe even if there are other who tries to destroy it by touching our own egos. And Trust God in all times even how difficult life is. I don’t depend on what others believed as long I have my own faith which makes me stronger. I tend to inspire others for them not to make their lives miserable but instead I am trying to help them pursue their goals in life fo them to succeed. Id already stopped being showy just to impress everyone. Now as I walked on and going forward my life will become so very colorful with the people whom I am inspired and loved with full encouragement and realization.


My Bandmates and I love these guys 🙂

Deo Gratias! Papa Benedetto XVI


Pope Benedict XVI announces his retirement on the 11th of Febuary
image source http://www.news.va/en/sites/benedetto-xvi-en

It was a sudden night when i was out for school to attend my OJT class, I received a shocking text message from my friend, Pais Luigi Flores stated that, “His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, in a statement earlier today, said he is resigning the papacy on February 28 at 8:00 p.m. Vatican time (3:00 a.m. of March 1, Philiippine time) due to his age. He is no longer physically capable, he says, of exercising his Petrine ministry.”, it saddened me a lot and i didn’t expect that it happened; Yet, it made the church so strong and still in a firm foundation. I remembered when the time I had a chat with Pais Luigi, I told him that “Tiguwang najud tawn si Pope, Pais “ (Pais, The Pope is already getting old ); He is definitely a strong man but a man who is humble and meek. I was all alone walking towards to school keep on reflecting Luigi’s message and i really felt so sad and trying to stop the shed of my tears. Is it Prophecy?? or just a coincidence? and I do not know how to conclude things and I was speechless. I still remember the days when at the time that he was elected as pope and on that time i was a young kid; I was shocked because he got a scary and had an angry looking face and knowing it that he was so strict; But, it was different when I’ve seen him on the television: waving his hands, smiling to the crowd  and i already felt that he was very dedicated despite of his scary face, let’s just forget about it because i was just a young lad on that time thinking about those things. I admire his loyalty to God and to his Church which he built. His resignation to papacy was a great decision he made; it only shows that he didn’t need such power to control nor to dictate people and that is what we called HUMILITY. Now, In this situation, Everybody is already in a shock and felt so sad with all these happenings. We cant deny and accept the fact that his body cannot take it longer anymore, well, we cannot not dictate the will of the Lord. I am very inspired of his courage and his being meek, dedicated himself to serve fully and spread the Good News within the body of his church with Love and Hope. His deep love and great sincerity to God’s People really inspires us Catholics to live the life what Christ has given us and strengthen the Christian Faith.


Image from The Vatican News

As Catholics we should strive hard and be strong in our Christian Faith, Sad to think that others bear in mind that they don’t need to go to church anymore, they go Direct to God. We may have that faith in God but the church has given us means on how to live on our faith. Faith is not only in Believing but in Work also. Faith without action is USELESS, that is why we should live out the faith by following God’s commandments especially on remembering the Lord’s day  and We should be faithful to the sacraments that has given us by Our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us bear in our minds of  what the holy father did not only for his sake but for the sake of all. We will stand firm and live in our Faith as he declares this year as ” The Year Of Faith”.  I am very touched in these words he stated, “I thank you most sincerely for all the love and work with which you have supported me in my ministry and I ask pardon for all my defects. And now, let us entrust the Holy Church to the care of Our Supreme Pastor, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and implore his holy Mother Mary, so that she may assist the Cardinal Fathers with her maternal solicitude, in electing a new Supreme Pontiff. With regard to myself, I wish to also devotedly serve the Holy Church of God in the future through a life dedicated to prayer” . We entrust ourselves to the Holy Trinity which will guide us in standing firm in our faith. Let us also pray for Our Pope-Emeritus Benedict XVI that he may persevere in his life his living today after this day with great love and humility.

The Shed of Tears dropped by as he stated this message during his Final General Audience:


A Manga cover of Habemus Papam from Manga Hero.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I offer a warm and affectionate greeting to the English-speaking pilgrims and visitors who have joined me for this, my last General Audience. Like Saint Paul, whose words we heard earlier, my heart is filled with thanksgiving to God who ever watches over his Church and her growth in faith and love, and I embrace all of you with joy and gratitude. During this Year of Faith, we have been called to renew our joyful trust in the Lord’s presence in our lives and in the life of the Church. I am personally grateful for his unfailing love and guidance in the eight years since I accepted his call to serve as the Successor of Peter. I am also deeply grateful for the understanding, support and prayers of so many of you, not only here in Rome, but also throughout the world. The decision I have made, after much prayer, is the fruit of a serene trust in God’s will and a deep love of Christ’s Church. I will continue to accompany the Church with my prayers, and I ask each of you to pray for me and for the new Pope. In union with Mary and all the saints, let us entrust ourselves in faith and hope to God, who continues to watch over our lives and to guide the journey of the Church and our world along the paths of history. I commend all of you, with great affection, to his loving care, asking him to strengthen you in the hope which opens our hearts to the fullness of life that he alone can give. To you and your families, I impart my blessing. “

Holy Father, Thank you for all the sacrifices and the virtues you have shown us to strengthen our faith. We Thank you for the prayers and the strength that you have given us  not only for our country but in the whole world. You are the model of our faith . We Pray for your perseverance Holy Father .. WE LOVE YOU SOO MUCH . continue to Glorify the Lord with Love .

“We miss you already!, We will miss you, Benedict, hide us with you in Christ, Stay here with us”


Deo Gratias! Papa Benedetto XVI !

Words of the Pope From:





Pedrito, a cute doll version of the second filipino saint

My Article from dearcebu.wordpress.com 

Despite our imperfections, we still have a BIG CHANCE to become saints in our modern times. Though the world is technologically advanced, we Filipinos still cling on to our faith in God. Whilst humanly speaking, Pedro Calungsod may have his imperfections in his short, youthful, and virtually unknown life, he still inspires us to follow the precepts that the Lord has left for us as an inheritance.

Sadly some of us do not understand that true faith in God. Some bear this thought that “Di na ta kinahanglan mosimba , direct to God na!” We may have that faith in God but the Church has given us means to live out the faith by following the commandments, especially that on remembering the Lord’s Day with solemnity.

And these are the same precepts that Pedro, a fellow Bisaya, followed. He chose God’s will as his own and left everything behind, even to the point of dying for the faith. He is a model for Cebuanos, and particularly all Filipinos alike; he serves as our inspiration and guide in following the virtues of faith, hope, charity, generosity, courage, consistency, trustworthiness, piety, and, union with the Lord. It is a source of pride and joy for us his katagilungsod.

I hope and pray that Pedro will help us and intercede for us that we may be faithful and united.

My Love

A Dedication to a Lovely Japanese Woman


My Love,


Arisa Komiya (ありさ こみや) A Japanese Actress whom i admire the most

Thou hast beauty

Cherished the day of mine ,

thy smiles hast shining

like the stars in the night,

twinkling and glimmering,

Oh wonderful creation,

thou hast love of yours i may reach,

though i may not see you in my eyes

but in my heart thou you stand thy staying,

wishin’ that i can see you an eye for an eye

and caress me with your loveliness,

i succumb for thy care of yours

this heart of mine shows thy feelings so true,

just let me reach you

My Dear, My Only,

My Love ,

My Love ,

Thou you are the one that i desire

I will be true

Yes I am , therefore i live

Only Live , Only for You